Drive To The Right: What To Do When The Six Month Premium Increases

Doing all of the right things is often rewarded, even if just the feeling of satisfaction. Being a good driver is also often its own reward. Not having to pay any tickets, not having the panic of seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror, and overall being smart on the road is a good reward of its own. When it comes time to renew your auto insurance, you may expect to be rewarded there as well. If your premium has increased instead of decreased even though you have had no accidents or tickets, here are some next steps to take. 

Ask the question why

The best way to figure out why your insurance premium increased even though you have an exemplary record is to ask. You can either call or email the company to find out why. If you have a personal insurance broker, you can make an appointment or stop by the office to ask. The companies operational costs may have increased or the laws in your state may have caused a necessary increase. The increase may also be an oversight. The only way to really know is to ask. 

Get another quote from another company 

If you are not sure whether the insurance company got it right or wrong, the next step is to request an auto insurance quote with other companies. Quotes from other companies will show you how your insurance stacks up in terms of costs. If you receive quotes for much less than your current insurer for the same amount or better coverage, you may need to go with another company to get a competitive deal. You may be able to use another quote in negotiations with your current company to determine if they have reason to decrease your six-month premium. 

Do some research on your neighborhood

Neighborhoods that have a lot of accidents will have residents see their insurance premium prices increase for all drivers. If the rate of car theft has gone up in your zip code, you may also find that the sticker price of your insurance premium is much higher. Doing a little bit of research about the state of property theft in your zip code will reveal some reasons why your insurance might get higher. If you have recently moved or recently relocated to an area with low property crime, make sure that your insurance company has your updated information.